Finally - a developer has returned to the developer blog

It’s been a long while since a developer actually posted on this blog – so I’m going to break that trend hard from now on. I’ll be posting at least twice a week and I’ll do my best to change this from a Dark Sector news aggregator, to something that you can learn about the game from.

Where to start? I guess that is really question for you? Hit the comments at the bottom and tell me what you want to know about any aspect of Dark Sector. I’ll do my best to answer (or if it’s something we’ve answered in an interview – I’ll point you to that).

I’ll start with a pretty common question that I get about mechanics and how we balance gun and glaive.

This was a big one for us. As we were moving closer and closer to our original ship date, we kept watching our focus testers fumble with that balance. People would play through the game completely using one or the other – only occasionally switching for sniping or puzzle solving. When I look back, its actually pretty crazy how long it took us to figure out that the solution was dual-wield.

It’s so good for the game that we had the extra time to implement this -- the difference dual-wield makes is staggering. There is nothing more badass than kicking in a door, decapitating a few enemies with a “power-thrown” glaive toss on the right, while at the same time blazing down the guys on the left with your dual-wielded Uzi.

It also allowed us to change a few enemies to require gun and glaive combos in order to beat -- I think these are now some of the most fun enemies in the game. There are also bonus style points for shooting from cover when dual-wielding…

That’s all for now,



ievsdoma said...
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Team Dark Sector said...

Whatsoever do you mean ;)

deskp said...
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deskp said...

ah thats a cool feature! that screenshot loks sick =D

and umm,, welcome back! ;D

can you say anything about how meny levels/stages there will be?

and have you planned any dlc?

ievsdoma said...

So dual-wielding... Great idea!
The first question: Is there still a place for stealth? Or there's only one solution?
Thanks in advance for an answer.

sath said...

What is the multiplayer aspect gonna be like?

Any word on demo before end of 2007?

Plans for special edition for this game or is it gonna be regular only?

When can we expect to see other characters in the game...main charcaters, something that has to do with the story or Lasria?

Anonymous said...

Could we get some of the developers talking tech please - I think this would be interesting.

Also are you planning to release any videos of in-game action soon?

Anonymous said...

hi,i really like dark sector and i want to ask you guys a couple of questions 1:can you unlock the final stange armor on multiplayer. 2:will this game support 1080p.3: and lastly the sci-fi space dark sector will we get to unlock as a little easter goody? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey team dark sector i have a very important question will there be costume packs later for the game like if you complete the game on brutal you can unlock the nemesis costume i really hope you can because i like how the nemesis looks.Oh and the game is awesome i give it a 10/10 i just beat brutal mode :)

Anonymous said...

dark sector es el mejor juego en tercera persona que hay en el mundo pero con la fama que tiene deberian hacer una segunda parte del juego por que he visto muchos videos de una segunda parte del juego dark sector y adios digital extremes .

Anonymous said...




















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