Webisode #2 and Forza Cars

Hey all, sorry it has been a while, but we're back with more. First things first, the 2nd in our series of webisodes is out - you may have seen it, if not here she is

OK, now that you have enjoyed that - on to our Forza 2 car contest. So, yeah, it took us longer to get back to this than we thought, but hey, we got a game to finish. While we didn't get quite as many entries as we hoped, we were super excited about all the ones that we got, you people out there have some great talent. Thanks to everyone out there who did such a great car design and we will be getting in touch with you (somehow) to get you your swank faceplate. And to make sure everyone sees how great these cars are, check em out:


Little Vixen


So, thanks again to everyone... maybe we will see those cars out on the Forza racetracks and we can admire them in motion.

Thats all for today, more to come soon!