E3, a New Look and More

So, I know it has been a while since our last post, but give us a break... making a game is hard work. In all seriousness though, Dark Sector is coming along amazingly and we are just about ready to really give everyone a deeper look into the game itself. To celebrate we put a spiffy new image at the top of the blog (hence the "new look").

We just finished E3 (very different than previous years and pretty much everyone is still trying to figure out what to think of the show itself... will be interesting to see how it evolves next year...) and we got a ton of great coverage and feedback on Dark Sector, a bunch of which you will find posted or linked to below

IGN video interview with Producer extraordinaire Josh Austin

GameSpot Live E3 stage demo with our very own Sheldon Carter

Gametrailers E3 interview with the all-appearing Sheldon

There are a bunch of other videos on those (and other) sites, so please go take a look (would have embedded them all here, but didn't want to bog everything down).

August is shaping up to be a big month for Dark Sector - we are definitely in the home stretch and feeling good. Keep your eyes on this space and around the web because there are definitely lots of cool things coming soon.