XBOX Live Marketplace

Hey all, just a quick note to let you know that an awesome new Dark Sector Theme and Picture Pack went live on XBOX Live Marketplace today. So, get out there and download it... spread the word and show your support.

Webisode Numero Uno

Over the next few months we are going to be releasing a series of short webisodes that dive a little deeper into the world and story of Dark Sector. We just launched the first one and you can see it below. If you want to see it in glorious HD, you can check it out on Gamespot right now, and I think it should be up on other sites soon too. Oh, and for all of you out there still disappointed that Hayden is no longer in his outer-space-cyber-ninja suit... keep an eye open near the end of the video...

Get to know me

In the first of an (probably sporadically) ongoing series, we are going to use this space to let you get to know the DARK SECTOR team a little better. You might laugh, you might cry, you just might learn something. And as always, if you have questions, post em up in the comments and we will see if we can pull these guys away from crunch time long enough to answer them. First up is from the publisher side of things - Josh Austin, the Producer at D3 working on Dark Sector. If you can't tell from his picture, Josh is totally f'ing metal.

1. Just who do you think you are? Josh Austin, Producer at D3 Publisher

2. How did you get into the game industry? I was living at my friend’s house sharing a bunk bed with his 6 year old brother after losing a place to live pursuing a career in music. After many failed job attempts and getting stuffed animals thrown at my head for an alarm clock, someone got me a job as a tester and I moved up the ranks.

3. What other projects have you worked on? Too many

4. Where do you draw inspiration for your work? All over the place. Books, music, movies and from other games. I like trying to find stuff that isn’t in a game, stuff that happens in real life or what makes it feel real in a book or movie but doesn’t always happen in games.

5. What is your favorite game EVER? And why? I can never commit to a favorite because my taste changes quite a lot. But at the moment I’ve played Shadow of the colossus twice through and started the hard difficulty. It’s the first game that I don’t mind not fighting stuff, exploring and then when I want I can go fight bosses. I could waste hours just soaking up the atmosphere. Runner up would be Zelda: Link to the Past, I’ve probably played through that game more times then an unnamed actress has appeared on the headlines, well, maybe not.

6. What was the last game you paid your own good money for? God of War 2. Most of the time I buy something for the library at D3 but this one I couldn’t give up.

7. When you’re not spending every waking hour to make Dark Sector the best game possible, what do you enjoy doing? Music - nothing relieves the stress of a hard day then screaming till my throat bleeds and beating the crap out of an instrument with some close friends, that and raising my seeds (and by that I mean kids, not vegetables)

8. And finally, what is your favorite thing about Dark Sector? The atmosphere and the brutality. The main character is one of my favorite characters ever created because he’s believable.

That's it for this time, keep your eyes out for future profiles and as always, check WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM for the latest info.

Oh yeah, in case you haven't entered a car for our Forza 2 contest below, we're going to extend it a few more days... so get on it.