Webisode Numero Uno

Over the next few months we are going to be releasing a series of short webisodes that dive a little deeper into the world and story of Dark Sector. We just launched the first one and you can see it below. If you want to see it in glorious HD, you can check it out on Gamespot right now, and I think it should be up on other sites soon too. Oh, and for all of you out there still disappointed that Hayden is no longer in his outer-space-cyber-ninja suit... keep an eye open near the end of the video...


aec said...

Absolutely gorgeous video. I'm so excited for this game!

Can you give us a hint who the guy talking to Hayden is, or will we have to wait?

Stanislav Domaratsky said...

Well I miss not his outer-space-cyber-ninja suit but the outer-space-ships-and-marines world. That was something unusual and stylish. Is there any chance it will be brought back? :)

Michael T. said...

Looks phenomenal, can't wait for this game.

deskp said...
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deskp said...

ah cool vid, i dont think i've seen the cyber-suit thing, and all this space thing looks a little... eh, unbelivable..... is that helmet thing like part of hes "new" body, is he going to tun into a robot like dude in the end? oh god, that does not sound good.

*hopes it isnt so*

if this:
is the suit then its cool, but that helmet make him look too unhuman and kinda stupid

sath said...

Nice teaser for sure.

We finally get to see a small glimpse f his full body mutation.

I really loved it when Hayden formed his helmet on his head, nice to see you guys doing something with the old suit concept :D.

I also paused at that very seen and looked at Haydens back and saw he didn't have that black shirt, looked like either his body or some sort of armor.

One request though guys...do not let us have use Haydens body like that near the end or something.
Would be very cool if it was between the beginning and the middle, more time to praise him :D.

Anyway can't wait for a demo.

Vitaliy said...

hi,Digital Extremes Team! Nice game! But something missing as for Nextgen Game...real reflections. Please, add realtime reflections from all objects(dynamic,stattic) for water and other reflective surfaces. Real reflections adds more realism for Your atmospheric game. Thanks!

Team Dark Sector said...

aec - well, I can tell you it is somebody that Hayden knows well, but that is not necessarily a good thing... more just might be revealed in the future webisodes.

deskp - definitely not turning into a robot, don't worry about that

deskp said...

woo! =D
thanks for awnsers!

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