Penny Arcade Expo and a new website

Hopefully everyone noticed that the countdown on the site (with the 3D images) was counting down to today... and came back to find that there was a killer brand new site in full effect. Explore, enjoy, return - this is the new hub for Dark Sector WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM

Also, in other big news, Dark Sector will be playable by the public for the first time ever at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend. If you are attending, please stop by, check it out and let us know what you think. It's just a small bite, but it should definitely whet your appetite for the full course meal (not sure why the food analogy, but it works). Dark Sector is going to be in D3's booth at the show, not sure of the booth number, but you will find it.

And just in case anybody missed the 3D screens that were up on the site (they will be added to the new site soon) you can find 3 of them here

IGN also posted a short preview of our showing at Games Convention in Leipzig... you can find that here

So... that happened...

OK, first off, sorry for teasing big changes to the Dark Sector site that didn't actually end up happening. We had some DNS problems that just got resolved, so things are back on track.

If you go now to WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM you can see the new and cool stuff.

Sorry, our bad.

Keep your eyes on...

WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM tomorrow and you might just see the start of something really cool...

I'm just sayin...

Final Box Art

Just a quick post. We recently let the final box art loose upon the internets and have been getting some great feedback. Thought we would go ahead and post it up here as well:

Thats all for today. And don't forget about the Forza 2 car contest in the post below. Let's see some great entries.

We need a car for Forza 2!

As we said in the last post, August is shaping up to be a big month for Dark Sector, so we thought we do something fun to kick it all off.

We have been really digging on Forza Motorsport 2 and keep seeing all these awesome custom cars floating around in the game and on the internets - and we thought to ourselves "Hey, we need a shiny, new Dark Sector ride". Unfortunately we neither have the time nor immense skill to make something that would compare to what we have seen out there.

So, we are reaching out to you - Dark Sector fans, Forza 2 junkies and the gaming community at large - to make us a killer Dark Sector ride. And to reward you, we will be giving out some limited edition XBOX 360 faceplates (like the one over there to the left). Here's how it works:
1. Make a sweet Dark Sector car in Forza Motorsport 2
2. Take a picture of it and post your best image to the Flickr group here.
3. At the end of the month, we will select the 10 best entries and the winners will get a faceplate
4. Hopefully you will gift us (or sell to us cheaply) the car so we can use it in the game

To help with inspiration, we posted some Dark Sector logos and images to that same Flickr account, so you have some reference.

So that's it... the blog contest to kick off August. Any questions or comments just post em below.