So... that happened...

OK, first off, sorry for teasing big changes to the Dark Sector site that didn't actually end up happening. We had some DNS problems that just got resolved, so things are back on track.

If you go now to WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM you can see the new and cool stuff.

Sorry, our bad.


sath said...

Hey Guys...

Awesome stuff, glad you guys worked around it and solved the problem, definitely greta job.

The timer...1 day left...give us a hint before the time is out because I can really not wait what it is!

I can't wait for GC for more Dark Sector, hopefully you guys are ready for a public demo to go on PS Store and MArketplace...hopefully.

PS. Do you guys have any plans on releasing some music samples from the game?
I am a huge orchestral soundtrack fan, basically I only listen to this kind of stuff, so I was hoping for some goodies such as music, because it seems you guys aren't talking about it that much.

For example the teaser music was awesome, reminded me something Hans Zimmer did, which was on Batman Begins, very similair.

Anyways, greta work on the game in general!

Deskp said...

to bad posted them befor you guys, awsome images tho, this game looks awsome

Team Dark Sector said...

yeah deskp, we worked with IGN to get those out there and we were supposed to have them up pretty much simultaneously... ah well, the joy of the internets

Anonymous said...

Team Dark Sector, was the "change" the 3D images? or is it something else you guys haven't "uploaded" yet?

They way you guys mentioned "change is coming" it was like it was going to have a flash site or something big.

sath said...

Awesome job guys, awesome new images, kind of a shame you can download them, but I guess they will go to sites like IGN and Gamespot eventually :)

Kind of a shame no ambitent background music, but nice job non the less.

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