Penny Arcade Expo and a new website

Hopefully everyone noticed that the countdown on the site (with the 3D images) was counting down to today... and came back to find that there was a killer brand new site in full effect. Explore, enjoy, return - this is the new hub for Dark Sector WWW.DARKSECTOR.COM

Also, in other big news, Dark Sector will be playable by the public for the first time ever at Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend. If you are attending, please stop by, check it out and let us know what you think. It's just a small bite, but it should definitely whet your appetite for the full course meal (not sure why the food analogy, but it works). Dark Sector is going to be in D3's booth at the show, not sure of the booth number, but you will find it.

And just in case anybody missed the 3D screens that were up on the site (they will be added to the new site soon) you can find 3 of them here

IGN also posted a short preview of our showing at Games Convention in Leipzig... you can find that here


sath said...

Damn I so wish I was in US right now, close to Seattle.

I would do anything to get my hands on a playable version of the demo, Fall just is so far away :(

But very cool that you guys are going more and more into the public with this game, just what it needs.

I saw that boss battle, nice!
And I really liked Haydens voice, whoever you guys picked, nice job :D

deskp said...

Where did you see, a boss? and heard hes voice?, whats the ultimate dark sector resource? tehe

i like the new website! nice that the screenshot-bg change without making me click anything, :P

*is going on a info-screens-vids hunt*

sath said...


I think other sites like Gamespot, IGN, Gametrailers has yet to play this game at GC and show it off.

deskp said...

looks great

to devs: it would be awsome if you coud start the game with all the powers the second time u play it, no fun starting opver again with just one or none powers....

sath said...

...or have an alternative thing *hint* suit! :P

Well something added to the gameplay in terms of character visual or power would be cool.

I doubt it though.