Final Box Art

Just a quick post. We recently let the final box art loose upon the internets and have been getting some great feedback. Thought we would go ahead and post it up here as well:

Thats all for today. And don't forget about the Forza 2 car contest in the post below. Let's see some great entries.


xenoforge said...

Great Artwork, but why is Digital Extremes Logo not on the Box Art ?

Team Dark Sector said...

Console companies (i.e. Sony and Microsoft) only allow for the publisher logo on the front of the box. There are a few exceptions... but this is generally with 1st party titles (like Bungie beng on Halo).

Take a look at Bioshock box for example... no Irrational logo.

Glad you like the art.

Turtesrus said...

sweet! this game has been on my list forever

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So it is a cute hulk then. What is it called culk?

pharmacy said...

Indeed the art work is amazing, looks so good and mysterious at the same time.