Webisode #2 and Forza Cars

Hey all, sorry it has been a while, but we're back with more. First things first, the 2nd in our series of webisodes is out - you may have seen it, if not here she is

OK, now that you have enjoyed that - on to our Forza 2 car contest. So, yeah, it took us longer to get back to this than we thought, but hey, we got a game to finish. While we didn't get quite as many entries as we hoped, we were super excited about all the ones that we got, you people out there have some great talent. Thanks to everyone out there who did such a great car design and we will be getting in touch with you (somehow) to get you your swank faceplate. And to make sure everyone sees how great these cars are, check em out:


Little Vixen


So, thanks again to everyone... maybe we will see those cars out on the Forza racetracks and we can admire them in motion.

Thats all for today, more to come soon!


Sath said...

Damn that I am not into racing games at all, if I was, I would most definitely make a bad ass car like these people who made them.

I WANT that face plate so much, you lucky people who will get them are lucky ;)

I got 2 swag posters on my wall, big ones, so its all great, and I am thrilled to know that there are more fans like me out there which makes me excited because of the online feature of the game, and that the Dark Sector community isn't in echoes.

Gonna be very cool to see how the online is gonna be for sure.

Anyway...congratulations people for the faceplate, wish I got one.

Keep up the great work Digital Extremes!

PS. That Webisode 2 music...any word on who the composer is, or any word on collectors edition, music tracks being unlocked...something.

I would most defnitely pick up a 360 Collectors Edition of this game, would be awesome to see...making of, trailers, development diary, music, art book...etc.

deskp said...

i dont own any racding games =O
cars lookin good tho, tehe

man i want a dark sector poster too, do they sell those anywere? [not ebay]

the webisode was awsome!, the story sounds so dark and twisted... GREAT!

*waits for an demo*

sath said...


Nah I talked to these guys looong time ago, and made wallpapers, made comments here...etc. they liked my enthuaism for the game as a fan, so they offered me 2 standard big sized swag posters.

One is the arm as you can see in the front page with the date of birth, and the other one was in GameInformer magazine (not the cover)

*Also waits for a demo...december was it?*

deskp said...

have they officaly announced a demo for 2007?

= D

oh and btw, i love the "dirty" art style, theres been to meny games that doesent take advantage of the good graphics ps3/360 are capitable of


they should start some small comepetitions or something, so we had something to do while we're waiting for the game ;]

sath said...

they did a Fora 2 competition so thats a new idea. But c'mon, its November now, play Assassins Creed or Mass Effect (which I am going to do)

and if you have a PS3, download Uncharted demo this thursday and Haze demo on 16th.

You will be busy until Dark Sector demo comes out, I know I will.

deskp said...

tehe, i have pre orderd assassin's creed, and will buy mass effect when i finish assassin.. ;)

ah i dont have a ps3! uncharted looks great tho!

[btw: New assassin's creed trailer out today http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/assassins-creed/assassin-s-creed-videos/535056]

sath said...

I have pre-ordered Assassins Creec Collectors Editon just for the Altair statue, seems that its 12 inch :D

And pre-ordered Mass Effect Collectors Edition, considering I am a big fan of that game.

Yeah Uncharted demo is coming out today shame oyu cant play it.

Speaking of Collectors Edition...Digital Exteremes, any chance of releasing a Collectors Edition of Dark Sector?

Would be awesome to the making of from the early stages to the new stages of the game, art work, some music tracks, wallpapers...etc. would be neat, Iw ould buy it for sure.

deskp said...

ah, yeah they should definetly make a collectors edition!
tin cases are fancy too lol!

-the AC collectors edition in the U.S only got a 3 inch action figure... glad i live in europe ;D
-i havent botherd to preorder collectors edition for mass effect, cause i havent been that excited about that game like i have with ac, :P

sath said...

Well I already have two swag posters of Dark Sector deom Digital Extremes...thx by the way!
So the CE for this game would go nicely :D

Yeah I am glad that Europe gets the 12" of Altair, only if it is officially confirmed of course.

Rumor has it its 12" and 3"so I am not sure.

And Mass Effect, bad ass game, reason why I bought the 360, I am a sci-fi junky after all :D

deskp said...

oh this vid is really great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9gp6l0jhjM

reason i bought the 360.. it was the cheapest ;-D

sath said...

Oh damn no!

I hate rock and they used it in the video...not my type.

I know that the game will have orchestra kind of music so I am not worried :D

deskp said...

ah, i think rock is awsome!

orchestra! *thinks* ah that'll be cool .. i guess haha, i like most kinds of music

sath said...

Orchestral movie like is the best thing in games as well, always gives the game much more cinematic feel.

Some games like racing, sports,...rock is good.

But shooting, or fantasy games...orchestral is a must.

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