Thanks for the questions!

“Can you say anything about how many levels/stages there will be?”

We divided the game using chapters that made sense for the story. Each chapter is an important piece in you understanding the evolution of Hayden both physically (gaining new powers) and morally (the types of choices he makes). So from purely that perspective, Dark Sector has 10 chapters.

“Is there still a place for stealth? Or there's only one solution?”

Dark Sector is clearly an action game. Once you start using the glaive to ‘power throw’ and ‘after touch’ you’re going to feel like a super-hero, not a super-spy.

That said - Can you play sneaky? Hell yeah.

At the beginning, you can approach an enemy from behind and slit his throat and avoid detection from enemies by smartly sliding cover to cover. That does the job pretty well until you get your third evolution power. It changes the concept of stealth completely and is very satisfying for players that like to get the drop on enemies and perform brutal finishers. There is more on that evolution coming in the future webisodes, so I don’t want to spoil that too much for you.



Aaron Lee said...

Wow! It's good to know you guys are looking out for gameplay diversity, I'm drooling over webisode numero tres now!
I'm wondering if the dual wielding's a striaght-off thing from the get go, it doesn't seem very CIA/FBI like to jump in Tequila style, I'd figure It'd be something someone in Hayden's situation would pick up later on.

ievsdoma said...

Thanks for the answer!
I have quite a bunch of questions now so I will number them:
1. Will it be possible to use the glaive while holding a double handed weapon without switching? It seems possible as the glaive can be grown at any moment.
2. Will it be possible to control the glaive movements in the air?
3. You've mentioned style points. Can we have more details :)?
4. How long completing the game will take for an average gamer?

deskp said...

thanks for the answers devs!

i got my 12 inch altaïr figure [from assassins creed] i i find is super awsome, is this something your gonan make for dark sector?

deskp said...

woop! i got another question!

can you replay the chapters after you finished the game with ALL the powers hes gained through the game?

Anonymous said...

looking for answer to question above can u replay game with all powers and or weapons after completion

Anonymous said...




















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