... the city by the bay

Just got done with a really successful press trip in San Francisco last week and the response to the game has been great.

Some links below to various articles (and some sweet footage to boot)

GameTrailers (check this out for a version of the footage above in HD goodness)

Gamespot (also includes a nice video interview with our very own Steve Sinclair)


IGN ("... a crossing between Jack Bauer and Wolverine." - is that like our chocolate and peanut butter?)

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Sath said...

Well I saw the Gamespot video interview in Hd and I was amazed how it was in motion. I did not doubt this game since the launch and my instincts was extremely high.

The gameplay footage is just amazing, and I know but I have checked it out myself, that people were somewhat bashing the game and stuff, but as soon as the gameplay footage came out people foolishly like always changed their mind and now they love it. but I have always been a DS (Dark Sector) freak since day one so no doubts for me.

The great thing about this game is that it really shows how much DE have done with the arm, how much details and such evolved in it.

The demo showed was early yes but c'mon the demo was really playable and such so I am hoping for a marketplace demo for the Xbox 360 soon.

Besides I dont know when you guys are going to like open a official community forum, I really want to be like the first one to be the member and post alot of information about DS as possible and get info as well.
I have made like simple wallpapers for my background for the 360 and for the PC so I want to post them there...but anyways, any updates on that would be great.

Your fan...Sath.

AEC said...

I've been a fan, but now I really must commend all the Dark Sector team for the creation of this title! The new teaser and gameplay footage are things of (a rather dark) beauty.

Some of the teaser creeped the heck out of me ("an entire city... DEAD."), but in a good way. :-)

The game play looks like it's going to be an absolute blast, and Hayden looks like he's turning into a really interesting character.

So thank you for releasing some new info! It looks like this game is turning out to be worth the wait!

Best wishes-

Anonymous said...

That was an unpleasant surprise for me when I've heard about the changes in the game concept.
I've been in wait for the game mostly because of its space SF world (quite unusual for a stealth and even quite unusual for some average SF world). Now that is not even a stealth as I can see!
Was the reason that Steve Sinclair had said in the interview the real reason for setting change? Aren't you afraid that lots of fans can be scaried off by those changes?

Best regards,
Stas Domaratsky

Anonymous said...

This game is gonna make DE big still deciding to get it for my PS3 or 360.

Anonymous said...

If I buy this game and put it on my shelf, will you promise to make the good one next?

Anonymous said...

I haven't checked in with DarkSector in a few months. I have to say I'm incredibly dissapointed. The previous Sci-Fi trailer looked like an amazing game, not the graphics, but the concept. I was immediately pulled into the story and wanted to play the game. I watched that trailer over and over. That game was definitely going on my shelf. This new direction, this new game, looks uninteresting. The gameplay may have merit, but the story and the character no longer speak to me. I'd buy the old version, maybe I'll rent this one.

Krachan said...

hej how about some pictures of the mustages you guys are growing?

Ragi Y. Burhum said...

The game looks great. The feel of the game seems awful familiar to me... this is the Unreal Tournament engine right?

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