New Trailer

The teaser trailer is out in the wild. Better quality versions available here and on XBOX Live Marketplace.


xenoforge said...

Pretty cool. It looks like an amalagmate of japanese anime and franko-belgian comics. I like it very much. The first teaser took place in an orbital station, did you guys abandon that storyline/path completely,or is it still incorporated in the game?

AEC said...

Very cool and very gorgeous! Honestly, I wasn't too excited about this game until I read the recent Game Informer article. Now with the new trailer, info, and screens, I can't wait to meet Hayden and see his world.

Please update soon, and best of luck!

Team Dark Sector said...

Thanks for the feedback... glad to hear you are excited. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and share this site with your friends. We want to build a great community that will follow us through the production of the game.

Matthias said...

What happened to the imcredibly cool and unique science fiction look you had before? This is still science fiction too, but the futuristic one in space from a year ago was much more appealing... and inspiring.

Jesse said...

Oh man you guys! I can't wait to check this game out...just so my naysays are founded when I report that this game sucks so much more balls than your original design and intention, and on the whole is this really cliche'd metal gear solid wannabe, with no interesting element left from the original conception. Thanks for taking an initially cool looking/sounding product and letting a bunch of marketing suits tear it to shreds!

Addendum: That stupid glaive blade is so gay.

FlexYoFace said...

Trailer looks great. Makes me wonder if you had some contest with Epic to see which could make a cooler game, Gears or Sector? Seems like you're both doing similar methods but with different directions. Gears is an arcade cover system shooter with hardly any sneaking elements. Dark Secter seems to be an Amalgam of different styles mixed together in a blender. Both Gears and Sector look heavily influenced by Resident Evil 4 as the base, horror with over shoulder camera's. Sector also throws in Metal Gear elements especially appearent in the name of Hayden.. MGS2 had Ryden... So is this what we're doing to see?? RE4 meets MGS? Is it going to be more sneak oriented or more arcade oriented. I'm pretty interested to see how this game turns out, and I'm also following Cipher Complex with it's promise for "fast pace sneaking/assasination" as well as Assassins Creed.. Hopefully all 3 of these games are different and fun. Keep it up guys, I don't mind the deliberate similarities, Halo definitely wasn't the first FPS, and it's still doing great and nobody calls it a copy... Anyone calling Dark Sector a copy cat game needs to open their mind, and give it a try.

Matthias said...

Woah, sorry. Excuse my friend, Jesse, there. I'm genuinely curious about the decision behind the design change. I don't wanna tear you guys down at all.

Kristian Joensen said...

This is an EXCELLENT trailer. Does this mean that we should forgot about the other EXCELLENT trailer you released previously that is availbe here: ?

David said...

Hmmm... Seems like a lot has changed from the original feel I got in your first trailer.

Still looks interesting. Guess we need some more answers before assuming too much. Thanks for sharing.

Team Dark Sector said...

Just stick with us, give it a chance... that is all we ask...

There will be lots more info to come soon and everyone should get a great idea of what we are trying to accomplish with this game.

It's great to hear from supporters and detractors... keeps us on our toes.

and to answer flexyoface - we really are not going for the hardcore sneaking/stealth type gameplay you find in MGS... this is going to be an action game first and foremost - guns, flying blades, explosions, etc. That being said, we are hoping that people will find multiple ways through the game... we have a cover system, but it's up to the player if they want to use it - not demanded like in Gears (which is great btw); there might be opportunities to use stealth, but you won't be studying troop movement patterns like in MGS.

Just keep an eye on this space. More will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

I like the E3 '04. This new trailer is bad. The guards look like they all have cigars in their mouths. I hope this is just a joke and you guys have the real game in development. Because this game is going down. Please tell me this is just a joke.

Krachan said...

I like some of the new things you've done. Even though it looks A LOT like the design in gears of war. I seriuosly hope that the 'change' thing will be as good as it sounds(becouse it sounds like a nice twist), and of cource that you keep the awesome robotarmorthingy that he wears in your first trailer, even though it will only be in the beginning, before he mutates... I think both trailers looks like they would become good, allthough very different, games. I hope the game presents a twist between the 2, since that would be the most original.
And last of all to all you haters out there, shut the **** up, Peace Out!

your truly Krachan

Anonymous said...


I have to say, I liked the look of the previous trailer on the space station so much more its not even funny. That had awesome art design. This makes me think of Mission Impossible... III. Super action heeero!

And to be quite the ass/know it all further, thats not actually a glaive. The proper name is a chakra. A glaive is a spear with a sword like point.


Anonymous said...

Hey DS dev team.

I have couple of things to say, and you guys gonna love it.

I have keeping my eyes on Dark Sector (DS) since the first day on 2004 it got announced as a next-gen game for Xbox [2]. I read that this was a tech demo of what next-gen could do so I didnt keep my hopes up for the same concept to stay, but others were fools to think that until now.
I am keep telling them that, the 2004 concept was nothing DE had in their mind to continue, it was pure tech demo to show the next-gen at that time. And when I read the first update in early 2005/06 (dont remember) you guys said that it was now "a couple of years into the future, about a man looses his arm and get replaced to a metallic arm".
And now you guys have changed it again, but now you guys have the full plot out, and I love it. Like Steve Sinclair said, we people can relate to the primary setting, but yet it has that futuristic look to it rather that sci-fi look.

I have read forums and such and people are like bashing the game like crazy, and I am being honest as hell right now, because I really want this game to come out and be hit, and God willing, a sequal if there will be one, I really want to own this game.

I have so many ideas that I want to send DE for the game of how Hayden evolves and everything, but hey what DE come up with is gonna be great.

The teaser was just awesome, obviously I didnt expect much because it is a teaser. But the trailer is gonna be awesome I am sure.

When Gamepsot interviews Steve Sinclair for the first time in a video interview, they showed like 5-6 gameplay footages in mean time he was talking about it.
The graphics are outstanding, and the gameplay is gonna be great just like Resident Evil as I suspected.

Some people would kill for Halo3, Mass Effect...etc. I would do anything for Dark Sector, and I really love how DE have designed Hayden and how much time they have given in the detail on his arm.

I want newsletters and such on updates on this game, but the official site isnt up and running yet as a site should be, but I am gonna be a member in the forums as soon as the forums opens up.

Anonymous said...

i like very much old storyline/path. New seems to be boring (shoot&kill) with metal exciting?

Anonymous said...

I think you guys did the right thing. The over the shoulder view is the most appealing look on a action video game. This game has alot of potential. I love the fact how Hayden hasn't died from the infection and has evolved to a half human / half mutation which effects him differently. I'm pretty sure he evolves drastically thru out the game. I'm only hoping the storyline is kickass and the boss fights are epic along with the game length to exceed 15 hours. 20 is good enough. Mulit Player is a must. I think you guys will come up with something clever. You guys had alot of time to make this game right. I'm pretty sure it will be a great game.

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